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Creativity is something that defines the human race. Despite this, it seems we know very little about how creativity functions. Through the following research and interviews I have attempted to understand creativity's relationship with ritual in order to better understand how we are creative.

Exploring Creativity

What Is Creativity?

An Eternal Question

Every person has their own personal relationship with creativity, but what exactly is this highly prized and illusive thing and where do we find it?

Creativity in the Brain

What happens when we have ideas?

The brain is a fascinating place. Knowing a little about what goes on in the brain while creating can give us some insight into the creative process. 

The Idea of a Genius in the Room

The Idea the Started it All

A TEDTalk given by Elizabeth Gilbert the author of Eat, Pray, Love. In this talk Gilbert describes what I found to be a fascinating idea. What if we aren't geniuses, but rather we have geniuses?

creative thinking
studying creativity
Why Study Creativity?

So What's the Point?

Creativity is everywhere. It surrounds our day to day activities even if sometimes in the smallest of ways. So, wouldn't be good to understand how it works? If we can unlock some of the Muse's secrets perhaps she will be more willing to sing her songs through us.

How different types of creativity relate to one another

There are many different flavors of creativity: the traditionally thought of painting, drawing, theatre, dance, singing, but also the sciences: chemistry, physics, and biology and maths: calculus, geometry, and . Each one of these, though producing vastly different outcomes, stems from the same creativity. This can be seen in the similar language used by different creators to describe their experiences in creativity. After all, great creative minds think a like.

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Research Question

Creative Ritual

After diving in to so much fascinating information on creativity I started to wonder about creativity and how it relates to ritual.

A Researcher and a Dancer Sit Down in the Library...

The best way to get inside the mind of a creator is to talk to them. I chose five of my peers who were each choreographing for the Fall 2017 Student Dance Showcase and tried to understand their creative process.

moving forward
Where do We Go from Here?

Looking at what we've learned

The interviews and journals have provided a wealth of information, but what have they told us about ritual and the unpressured artist?

Further Reading

Tell me more, tell me more!

furthe reading

Still want more? I have collected different readings and videos that have informed this project in some way but have not necessarily made it into the website. 


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